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WOCA of Cape Cod

WOCA of Cape Cod is your online distributor of WOCA® natural oil finishes, pretreatments and maintenance products. Our products are used for wood flooring, interior and exterior woodwork in homes and commercial properties. Our biggest sellers are WOCA® Master Oil, Color Oil, High Solid, Diamond Oil, Maintenance Oil, Natural Soap, Oil Refresher, and Exterior Oil.

WOCA Home Wood Care Services:

WOCA of Cape Cod treated Deck Counter with SunsetIf you like WOCA products, but you don’t feel like doing a project on your own, we can do it for you. WOCA of Cape Cod is more than a distributor of WOCA natural woodcare products we also make house calls.

Our highly trained technicians will come to your home or business and expertly clean, restore and preserve your interior and exterior woodwork. Using only high quality WOCA plant-based wood care products, we beautify and extend the life of your woodwork. When we are done, it will require only easy maintenance in the future. Call us today at 744-722-3310 for an estimate!

WOCA of Cape Cod Can Help Your Home

At WOCA Cape Cod we offer a wide range of wood care products and services. As an authorized distributor of WOCA of Denmark products, we are able to give you all the information you need about our products and provide resources and tips about how to use WOCA products properly for the best and longest lasting wood care and maintenance. Call us for professional help. We can make house calls.


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