Woca Industrial coatings
for flooring / indoor wood

We take pride in developing high-quality and long-lasting wood coatings for flooring. But that’s not all.

Our WOCA Industrial Coating System for flooring and indoor wood provides you with a world of unlimited colours, superior solutions and exciting product combinations. You are always guaranteed the newest trends and possibilities to become a front-runner on the market, allowing you to offer your customers the high quality they demand.

We can customize our solution to fit your requirements. Whether you manufacture floors, millwork, cabinetry, store fixtures or furniture, we have the solution for you.

Stains and pre-treatment

Multi Stain

A specially formulated stain designed for the pre-treatment of wood before coating with oil, UV or polyurethane. It is used to bring out the beautiful character of the wood and promote even coloring on all wood species. We offer a vast number of exciting standard colors as well as custom matched colors.

✓ Can be topcoated with a variety of products from UV to polyurethane to oil

✓ Ensures an even coloring on all wood species

✓ Offers a countless number of exciting color options

Technical data sheet

Reactive Stains

Reactive Stains work with the natural tannins in the wood to bring out the depth and beauty hiding with in. These stains are specifically designed for woods rich in tannins such as oak and walnut. The stains react very quickly after application and remain colorfast once applied. The wood is allowed to show its unique character as different tannin levels in the wood create slightly different tones. The unique color palette cannot be achieved by using any other product.

✓ Creates a unique look in combination with the wood

✓ Offers a countless number of exciting color options

✓ Easy handling in the application process

✓ Quick color reaction and high color stability

✓ Can be treated afterwards with WOCA oil or finish

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Basic treatment

UV Oils

WOCA UV Oil is a VOC free product that provides the wood with a very natural looking appearance. It is remarkable for its UV-curing technology that causes the oil to harden instantly after being applied, which ensures an extremely high productivity without compromising quality. The combination between this technology and the high solid content of the WOCA UV Oil provides a 100% ready oiled floor that does not require additional on-site maintenance right after installation.

✓ Ensures an extremely fast application flow

✓ Extremely low gloss

✓ Provides an oiled floor ready for use

✓ Can be tinted up to 10% with WOCA colorants or established colors can be intermixed to formulate your own unique color palette

✓ Compatible with all the regular WOCA cleaning and maintenance products

Technical data sheet

Different gloss levels available:

UV Oil 501 will provide a finished gloss of 45-55 degrees
UV Oil 506 will provide a finished gloss of 18-22 degrees
UV Oil 508 will provide a finished gloss of 10-15 degrees
UV Oil 605 is a white pigmented oil with a finished gloss of 35-45 degrees