Woca Outdoor Solutions

Industrial coatings for outdoor wood

Two things in particular concern customers, when they are about to invest in decking, outdoor furniture, fences or other outdoor wood surfaces: the lifespan of the wood and the maintenance prospects.

With WOCA Industrial Coating System for outdoor wood, you will get the best wind- and weather-resistant oil protection on the market. Our products are easy to apply at the factory, but also very easy for your customers to clean and refresh over time with genuine WOCA maintenance products. With the WOCA system, there is never any peeling or chipping of the coating. Our oil system and maintenance products become one with the wood. This solution will enhance the beauty of the wood and help it last the test of time.

Numerous colour options, a simple and problem-free process and great customer-responses to the quality make this oil solution extremely popular.

Basic treatment

Woca Exterior Oil

WOCA Exterior Oil offers a supreme and durable non film-forming layer of protection for all outdoor wood. It prevents fungal growth and provides a highly water-resistant surface. Our oil contains UV absorbers to protect your investment from the sun’s harmful rays. Wood finished with WOCA Exterior Oil will keep its beautiful natural look for many years with proper cleaning and rejuvenation.

✓ Long-lasting protection

✓ Highly water resistant

✓ Delays fungal growth

✓ Available in numerous colors

✓ Non film-forming technology eliminates the coating from peeling or cracking

✓ Easy homeowner cleaning and maintenance program to keep the wood looking new

Technical data sheet

Wood Coating Samples