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Patina Discs



Wet polish with oil for a super smooth surface and raised sheen.

WOCA Patina Discs are a new way of oiling. They are used for smoothing & honing the wood surface while it is still wet with oil.

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WOCA Patina Disc Details

WOCA Patina Discs are used to make a one-coat application using WOCA Oils.

There are 6 discs in a pack and each disc is 150mm in diameter with a Velcro back

Application area – With the introduction of the green WOCA Patina Disc, WOCA presents a new revolutionary way of oiling floors. By using the WOCA Patina Disc it is now possible to make a one-coat application of the floor. The surface is saturated immediately, becomes hard-wearing, silky smooth, and easy to maintain.

Result – The floor is well saturated, feels soft, dries quickly and has a silky-mat gloss. In order to achieve this result, we recommend using WOCA High Solid Master Oil, natural or white. The oil has a low content of solvent and fills the grains of the wood excellently. This guarantees a hard-wearing surface.

How to Use WOCA Patina Disc

WOCA Patina Disc

  1. A Patina Disc has one side with a very fine abrasive grit and one side with a Velcro layer which enables the disc to attach to a pad.

2. Two Patina Discs are placed opposite to each other on a beige/red/green pad.

3. Apply the oil using a paint roller or a brush, hereafter polish with a pad and the two Patina Discs fixed on to the pad. The combination of light sanding and polishing helps the oil penetrate faster into the wood and results in a very smooth finish. The wood must not dry during the process of application. Always make sure that sufficient oil is applied, in order to work wet in wet.

4. When the surface appears saturated remove excess oil using a cotton cloth. Finally, polish with a clean white pad, in order to obtain a uniform gloss.

Warning! Risk of self-ignition! Due to the risk of self-ignition it is important that sanding dust and oil wetted cloths are soaked in water and disposed of in a tightly closed container after use.