WOCA of Cape Cod

Active Stain


2.5 ltr 4 Reacts with tannins produces special grey color effect to oak. 100 sf/liter.


WOCA Active Stain Details

WOCA Active Stain is water based. Active Stain is for use only on Oak wood. It was developed to produce a grey special effect and creates a very unique color. The product is non-corrosive. Active Stain reacts with the tannic acid in the oak. The color may vary after application depending on the concentration of tannin in the wood. Please note, the color might change in the first period of time when exposed to UV light.

How to use WOCA Active Stain

How to apply WOCA Active Stain – Clean wood
Apply Active Stain to wood surface
Active Stain application step 3
Applying Woca Active Stain

    1. The wood must be clean, dry and free from dirt and grease. We recommend application as soon as possible after sanding.
    2. Shake container, especially #2 and #4, and pour into a paint tray. Stir regularly during application.
    3. Apply an even coat of Active Stain with a brush, paint roller or synthetic applicator, following with the wood grain.
    4. Apply at least one liter of Active Stain for every 100 sq.ft. of floor or woodwork.
    5. On vertical wood surfaces, apply from top to bottom.
    6. Let floor or woodwork dry at least 2 hours.
    7. Wash floor with WOCA Wood Cleaner, as this will neutralize tannins and prevent water spotting (see Wood Cleaner instructions.) Let the floor dry completely, preferably overnight!
    8. De-nib standing fibers with a fine abrasive polishing pad or thick green pad under a standard buffer until floor is smooth and vacuum the floor before final treatment.
    9. Finish the floor or woodwork with WOCA oil.

Please Note: Oak treated with WOCA Active Stain tends to darken when subjected to both direct and indirect sunlight. To minimize this effect, Active Stain may be diluted with water prior to application.
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