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Natural Soap


Mix 3 oz of Soap/1 gallon of water. For cleaning oiled floors. 3400 – 4300 af/liter

WOCA Natural Soap is a wood floor cleaner for new oiled hardwood and prefinished oiled floors.  Natural Soap’s effective ingredients are soy and coconut fats which conditions the wood and cleans at the same time.

Coverage: approx. 3500 sq. ft. per liter

 Natural Soap Spray is also available.

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WOCA Natural Soap Hardwood Floor Cleaner

WOCA Natural Soap is a gentle cleaner for oiled and hardwax wood flooring. With regular use, your floors will better withstand dirt and liquid penetration. Use Natural Soap “Natural” on darker wood floor species or colors. Natural Soap “White” is for use lighter colored woods. Also good for use on lye treated floors. Natural Soap Grey is for grey floors or if you have a grey in the wood grain that you would like to enhance.

How to use WOCA Natural Soap Hardwood Floor Cleaner

WOCA Natural Soap application

Natural Soap Application

    1. Clean your wood floors regularly with a vacuum cleaner or broom.
    2. Shake the container of Natural Soap carefully before use.
    3. Mix a cleaning solution of 3 oz. Natural Soap per gallon of lukewarm water.
    4. Using a well wrung mop, damp mop the floor with the natural soap mixture.

Check out the video tab to watch How to clean new hardwood floors using WOCA Natural Soap video.

Tip: If your floors are very dirty, clean first with Woca Wood Cleaner then follow with Natural Soap. For areas with heavy wear, using Maintenance Gel will add additional protection, after cleaning with Wood Cleaner. For particularly difficult stains, use WOCA Spot Remover.