WOCA of Cape Cod

Swep Mop WOCA Silver/White


The WOCA Swep Mop Silver (previously WOCA Swep Mop Blue) is a high quality mop that makes wet cleaning your floors easy. The special wring out system makes this mop easy to use, eliminating the need to bend. The sturdy, non-bending aluminum shaft has two sturdy handles, making it easy to control the amount of liquid you apply to the floor. The aluminum shaft of the Swep Mop Silver allows you to exert downward pressure while mopping to remove stubborn dirt.

WOCA Swep Mop Silver Details

Woca Swep Mop has a sturdy, non-bending aluminum shaft and two sturdy handles. One handle is fixed to the shaft and the other is attached to the mop head. It is easy to control how much moisture is left in the mop head, as it is twisted around the shaft. Since the Swep cotton mop head is a looped mop, it is also possible to exert downward pressure while mopping. This allows you to actively remove stubborn spots and dirt.

The cotton mop heads are machine washable and can be replaced when needed.